Rally for a Reason

Since 2015, RV Compass has been facilitating rallies throughout the United States , bringing “Egg” trailer enthusiasts together for exploration, education, and support.

Scamp Homecoming Rally 2024

The Drive to Full Time

Presented by Jeannine Patané

Eggshells in The Outer Banks 2015 • 2017 • 2019

Set in one of the most dynamic geologic locations on Earth, this strip of ever-shifting sandy land will make you appreciate the planet we occupy. Carry your trailer wheels to a place that we can experience an ever-changing environment and the salty souls who inhabit it…

Inyan 2019

Inhale the fertile earth
Sense the wind on your face
Witness the quiver of nature
Listen to the rumbling in the distance
Quench your thirst for adventure…

This is an extraordinary rolling rally with not one,
but two Black Hills locations for you to maximize your time…

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Eggs and Ham 2018 • 2019

“If you never did you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” —Dr. Seuss

Over the years, Green Eggs and Ham has been held at Corps of Engineer Campgrounds in Alabama during St. Patrick’s Day week in Mid-March. It’s a rally with an exceptional balance of events within a peaceful scene of trees and nature, along the rivers in Alabama. At Green Eggs and Ham, there’s a lot of green to be seen…

Alien Egg
Alien Egg Invasion! 2016

BREAKING NEWS: We’re receiving initial reports of several unidentified egg sightings that are gravitating towards the Southeast sector of New Mexico. At their current speed, they are expected to make contact in Spring of 2016. Experts are projecting a convergence between May 5th and Mother “ship” Day, May 8th. Stay tuned for the latest updates as details unfold…