Base Camp

She’s The Most Interesting
Free Spirit in the World…

What you hear about her is true.

She teaches old dogs new tricks.

When she rides camels by moonlight in the Dubai Desert, it’s the men walking beside her that feel compelled to wear eye makeup and dresses.

She never needs to go home; her house follows her.

She can walk into an unfamiliar roughneck dive bar and come out with multiple invites to family holiday dinners.

She defines oxymoron by being an organized free spirit.

Jeannine Patane

VIPs relinquish their box seats for her.

She earned an offshore fishing trip to Costa Rica with a piece of cardboard on the street.

She can speak numerous foreign languages just through the look in her eyes.

Only Travelers who are eloquent with language speak the slang she understands.

There is more than one way to skin a cat.
She knows at least 42 ways.

Her preferred method to play corn hole is throwing overhand.

She gives a person a penny, and it triples their income.

She informs information bureaus how to educate travelers.

When she holds a screw gun, men immediately head to the kitchen to cook for her…starting from scratch.

“Spin class will never give you the same results as cross or circum-continental
bike journeys.”

—Jeannine Patané

Her bar napkin sketches became architectural blueprints for great constructed buildings.

Rockstars want to make a babies with her.

Sunny-side-up eggs are cooked perfectly symmetrical after she cracks the shells.

Jeannine Patane

Aboriginal motorcycle groups are at her side in a moment’s notice.

World-renowned fashion designers hire supermodels to mimic her poses.

Wild animals study her hunting methods.

Her friends claim she’s the only person they know who has their photo in the New York Times Small Business section…in a bikini top.

Four hours of soaking in a pool with the air temperature at 53˚F is refreshing to her.

Her blood smells like well-aged wine.

She advises multi-billionaires how to invest their money.

When she flies under the radar, it defies Quantum Mechanics.

After her short stay in a Mexican jail, the Mexican locals felt compelled to pay all expenses. They even paraded her along the promenade and took her sailing on a yacht several times in her celebration. She, of course, became captain of the yacht.

The campfires she ignites have blue and green flames.

When she skydives, it’s only with elders who are over 90 years old.

Jeannine can cut the mustard while waxing philosophical.

Passengers crap their underwear when she operates a Jeep in 4WD.

The only thrill she gets from driving a racetrack is in reverse.

Jeannine Patane

The dogs she walks can be mistaken for large wolves.

She pins massive large dogs to the ground for attempting to steal her food, or for getting in a fight with other dogs.

Psychologists seek her for advice.

There is no GPS involved in her navigation. She charts her own roads and builds her own bridges.

When she’s underwater, sea predators learn how to be calm and not panic in her presence.

Indigenous elder men eagerly invite her into their conversational circles.

Smoking a cigar on the lazy river of a Virginia Creeper Trail.

Like the Dos Equis man, she’s a lover — not a fighter, but she’s also a fighter. So don’t get any ideas.

One short chapter of her life contains five novels of material.

She can do anything with nothing at all.

She is The Most Interesting Free Spirit In The World.

“Stay courageous, my friends.
I don’t usually do conventional, but when I do,
I do it extraordinarily.”

—Jeannine Patané
Jeannine Patane