The Roost*

Message from Jeannine:

I want to personally reach out and thank the individuals that have supported me for the decade I have been dedicated to the molded fiberglass travel trailer enthusiasts who roll with rallies. I am no longer investing my time in this community.

I have been blessed with numerous people who have surrounded and supported my fulltime lifestyle, which I still continue to roll with Hidalga.  

Know that the most precious thing we have is TIME.  Don’t waist your time with fools. Give no time or tolerance to the ignorant that chose to stay that way.  Life is shorter than we want to recognize, so we need to surround ourselves by growth. You can be a dwarf willow, or ancient Sequoia. The choice is yours.

God bless, and may you know your mission.  Your mission only becomes more self-evident when you give your time to yourself.

Godspeed to y’all. Get your bearings and keep ’em greased.

*The Roost has been discontinued as of 2024.