"I had a few projects that I could never make enough time for, and Jeannine was able to get them completed exactly as I wanted in less time than it would have taken me just to do the planning."
—John Wimer, homeowner, Half Moon Bay, CA


"Jeannine isn´t afraid to jump right in. She recognizes what needs to be done and does it quicker than we can make note to do it. Her approach is frequently unorthodox, but with successful results. She is amazingly resourceful and can get us what we need.
Jeannine is enthusiastic and follows through with every project. We can´t envision anytime in our life where she doesn´t return for a period to help our family pull it together. Jeannine is part of our family."
– Lesley M., homeowner, San Diego, CA


"I’ve never heard of a small Fairbanks business that was able to capture national publicity within a few months of its creation. That Patane did this without spending a lot of money or doing anything outrageous is also a marvel. It all seems to be a confluence of national media attention on women who are handy and Patane’s ability to make herself stand out by using modern tools."
—Dermot Cole, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner


"Jeannine Patané became the University of Alaska-Fairbanks Costume Shop Manager in the fall of 1994 and within a few months had totally transformed our space...Before she worked for me she had done similar ergonomic wonders making a stage manager’s station and custom backpacks.
Pretty much any job you can imagine, she can look at, analyze, and come up with an improved method for layout, storage and function that will make the job easier and the storage more intelligent..."
—Tara Maginnis, Ph.D., Costume Design & Associate Professor, UA Fairbanks


"I needed help organizing my office files but there never seemed to be enough time to do it. Jeannine came in, created a system for me, and organized it all so I didn’t have to worry about it.
She is very dependable and focused with a great personality and attitude! I was so pleased with the results I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her back for other projects!"
—Nicia Rotermund, KTVF TV-11, Fairbanks, AK


"Each morning we usually start with a consulting session...we agree on priorities, Jeannine sets to work and then the magic happens. If she or I have a better idea in reaction to the evolving project, we simply adjust. Working with Jeannine is a dialog, nothing forces; calm and gradual is the way she moves and the how she has affected the house with her presence.
I finally have a home. I recommend her highly and without reservation, her smiling face is also a welcome addition."
—Thomas Riccio, homeowner, Richardson, TX


"Jeannine has done so many projects for my business that they are hard to list. She can tackle anything from computer set up and maintenance to interior design and carpentry. She uses her great creative energy to produce wonderful things. I found her reliable, efficient and extremely productive.
For all the projects Jeannine did by herself, I would have hired 3 employees to cover the same amount of work. She helped layout and design a new lodge for my business and with all of her details the place looks great. She has a real eye for style."
—Greg LaHaie, Kantishna Air Taxi, Denali, AK


"I contracted Jeannine’s services for work on long-neglected buildings...I was pleased with the quality of her work and her reasonable charges. I felt like I discovered a jewel...I’m looking forward to future projects in which I can include Jeannine with her many talents."
—Vernon Boyles, Technical Consultants Inc., Fairbanks, AK


"Thank you Jeannine . . . for the amazing work you did for us during the 2002 summer season. Your help made for one of the best summers yet. All of our vendors and involved support staff were very pleased with the wonderful job you provided us."
—Jeremy Richards, Alaska Salmon Bake, Fairbanks, AK